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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mada internet, What can i say!

We've been a Mada wireless internet users for over 8 months now,
speed is respectful with a free download capacity...BUT!
they have a thing to BLOCK web sites for NO REASON at all!
1st time i face a problem with a blocked web site was a site called & it was Hell on earth to try to get it unblocked, and Now am facing a problem blocky the!?!?! Now why would any company block this web site!
Plus the call center isn't helping at all!
when i complained about it the guy i spoke to didn't take my Soho no. (ID)
didn't ask what is the web site?!
didn't check where i was living!?
all he did is telling me to turn the Wifi device OFF for 35 minuets and then turn it on again!
FOR REAL? really that's how you are solving this problem!
ok! a good girl i turned it OFF and ON just like he told me and guess what! got it right! NOT WORKING!

As a company, did Mada dilever the service we were promised?...What a shame...NO they didn't!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Keep Calm &...

Am sure you all noticed how the Keep Calm & Carry On pix & posters are so Hype in kuwait these days!
with funny phrases and so local logos too!
But! Did you all know What's this campaign is for? who created it? and why?
well, it's not news for sure! this campaign first established in 1939 by the British Government
the purpose behind it is to calm the British public in the event of invasion
the poster was re-invented on the year 2000 and used by several privet sector companies even as a decorative item.

me a Big fan on this campaign, Specially the local ones!
Keep Calm & Carry On

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Movies : Real Steel

it's the type of movies that matches every one's taste!
it's about the year 2020 where professional boxing fights are replaced with Robot fights
the story is like when Transformers & Rocky 1 got married!! Real Steel is that Awesome baby!

So Much Fun to watch!
Highly Recommended 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

a Farewell to a Legend, RIP Steve Jobs

3 apples changed the world

1st one seduced Adam & Eve

2nd fell on Newton

& The 3rd was offered to the world half bitten by

Rest in peace...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

OSN Ya Hala! - داوود حسين

They used to say ( الشيب وقار )...
What's wrong with getting older gracefully??
should it really have to be this way??

Dose he really represents the Original Gulf Men?!!!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Movies: The Three Musketeers

ok...this is the 2nd draft i write about this movie, i am extremely disappointed really not finding words for it!
i can't understand how they messed up a movie with such characters!  
wonder what was Orlando Bloom thinking! though he's got the best part there...
Stunts! Priceless Epic Fails!!! one after another,
free advice...DON'T WANTCH IT! spare your self the disappointment and watch something els!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

EPIC FAIL : Slider Station

Yes it's the same Slider Station the Hip&Hype restaurant facing Alseef Palace!
Only! With the worst attitude any body could imagine!
long story short, my & 2 of my friends were having dinner there and wanted to hang out and talk and have some desserts after words and talk a little more....but that wasn't convenient to the staff there! 
we have to ask for a drink 3 times and when it arrives it wasn't what we ordered!!! PLUS they asked us to leave several times!!! saying it's crowded and they need the table...hmmm!! REALLY!!!! that's how a paying costumer should be treated?!?!?!?! not only me found this indescribably rude!! many others did as shown in this print screen :


Monday, 22 August 2011

Alkbaeer Gawy Gawy Gawy!

Am an absolute comedy addict!! i rarely tune in to other than OSN comedy channels,
away from the traditional comedy Directly after iftar shows, Alkabeer Gawy is a MUST SEE show!
Ahmad Makki is just AMAZING!!!! this guy is crazy funny
and the show is so good, the story, the script, the jokes!! not mentioning the lyrics
i don't know when this show is aired but i watch it on Alrai tv around 3:20 a.m

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Remember Waleed Almjaddemy??

Saher Al lail! one of the best serials on TV since a long long time
every one who worked on it just gave 500% into it, that's into preforming, editing, shooting and directing!
Story wise, WELL BALANCED! the Drama, the Comedy, The Events Sequels, just perfect.
Specially when they brought Waleed Almjaddemy from the last season in episode 12

At 8:08 minute...LOVED IT!

i really don't want this show to end! i can watch them every day!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Location Location Location!!

Guess where did Planet Hollywood recently open????

Oh yeah! KUWIAT!

KOVEEET BABY!!!...look how zy r talking...huh!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Fals Advertising...maybe?!

Do u ever wonder if big companies seeks a smart advertising company, or a cheep one!
just stating the obvious, as NBK credit card holder, i saw a 30% off merchandise on Debennhams store as part of NBK Rewards campaign...BUT!

as i reached the cashier, it turned out that the 30% off discounts are only applicable on purchases valued of 50 KD and above, that was shocking! nothing in this AD indicates rules apply on anything like it!

hmmm...zy can talk za talk, but zy can't walk za walk!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Movies: Fast Five...FAIL!

Fast 5, the 5th of the fast and furious movies, If your a fan you brace yourself you will be DISAPPOINTED!

The whole plot had a whole lot of running and almost no race! well there was this one race with the Dodge Charger...a pretty Car commercial to say the most. the highlight of that movie is that I have managed to squeeze a nap.

to be totally fair I kinda liked the Vault scene but when Vin Diesel took things by his own, it was an absolute Bollywood stunt. Epic Fail!

Some feel obligated to complete the saga and watch this series of movies end but if you were in different about it. I suggest save your money.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Without Boundaries Exhibition

Held at FA Gallery, the Without Boundaries Exhibition, Opening was last sunday and let me tell you it was Delightful!

very interesting and eye opening...enjoyed it sincerely

and Fell in Love with Those Artists:-

Mohammad Sharaf

Muneera Alrumaihi

And My Good Dear Friend Khalid Al-Sahaly

Sunday, 15 May 2011


well...just because i decided to! am bloggin' now