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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mada internet, What can i say!

We've been a Mada wireless internet users for over 8 months now,
speed is respectful with a free download capacity...BUT!
they have a thing to BLOCK web sites for NO REASON at all!
1st time i face a problem with a blocked web site was a site called & it was Hell on earth to try to get it unblocked, and Now am facing a problem blocky the!?!?! Now why would any company block this web site!
Plus the call center isn't helping at all!
when i complained about it the guy i spoke to didn't take my Soho no. (ID)
didn't ask what is the web site?!
didn't check where i was living!?
all he did is telling me to turn the Wifi device OFF for 35 minuets and then turn it on again!
FOR REAL? really that's how you are solving this problem!
ok! a good girl i turned it OFF and ON just like he told me and guess what! got it right! NOT WORKING!

As a company, did Mada dilever the service we were promised?...What a shame...NO they didn't!


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