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Monday, 23 May 2011

Fals Advertising...maybe?!

Do u ever wonder if big companies seeks a smart advertising company, or a cheep one!
just stating the obvious, as NBK credit card holder, i saw a 30% off merchandise on Debennhams store as part of NBK Rewards campaign...BUT!

as i reached the cashier, it turned out that the 30% off discounts are only applicable on purchases valued of 50 KD and above, that was shocking! nothing in this AD indicates rules apply on anything like it!

hmmm...zy can talk za talk, but zy can't walk za walk!


Abdulrahman said...

it's a VERY common thing here in Kuwait and our area in general.

yet this doesnt happen in europe or some places where more awareness is there because they usually care more about the trust of customers because of the more of a "fair competition" here.

But here, Big fish are eating everything and no1 is talking and no protection to customers. :)

this is how i see it though.

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