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Monday, 22 August 2011

Alkbaeer Gawy Gawy Gawy!

Am an absolute comedy addict!! i rarely tune in to other than OSN comedy channels,
away from the traditional comedy Directly after iftar shows, Alkabeer Gawy is a MUST SEE show!
Ahmad Makki is just AMAZING!!!! this guy is crazy funny
and the show is so good, the story, the script, the jokes!! not mentioning the lyrics
i don't know when this show is aired but i watch it on Alrai tv around 3:20 a.m

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Remember Waleed Almjaddemy??

Saher Al lail! one of the best serials on TV since a long long time
every one who worked on it just gave 500% into it, that's into preforming, editing, shooting and directing!
Story wise, WELL BALANCED! the Drama, the Comedy, The Events Sequels, just perfect.
Specially when they brought Waleed Almjaddemy from the last season in episode 12

At 8:08 minute...LOVED IT!

i really don't want this show to end! i can watch them every day!